Hello! I'm Karol
I make the internet pretty and useful.


Something about me

Athor Avtar


First things first - even though my first name suggests I'm a girl, I'm not. 'Karol' is Polish for Charlie.

I'm a web designer and developer, specialised in User Interface and Experience.

I am currently staying just outside of London, where I work for McLaren Applied Technologies, in the wonderful McLaren Technology Centre. Please use this contact form if you would like to get in touch with me.
And, finally - the website www.klonowski.pl is not mine, I've nothing to do with it!!

Skills Graphic

Technical Skills

I mostly work in the area of user interface and data visualisation, and every web work requires technical skills. I have started my journey over ten years ago, and have mostly been using:

  • UI design and development
  • User Experience analysis
  • Data Visualisation
  • Javascript
  • PHP | MVC - CodeIgniter, Wordpress.
  • SQL, noSQL
  • ...and most of the other latest web technologies.

The work I've done

There are some of the websites I've made before I joined McLaren. There are some more on Tesla Creations website. Some of them might be dead by the time you read this, so don't be surprised.
Unfortunately, I am not allowed to disclose what I'm up to at McLaren publicly. Let's just say that I deal with a lot of data, and do some seriously funky stuff with it.


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